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Book Reviews

Death’s Futurity. The Visual Life of Black Power by Sampada Aranke, European Journal of American Studies, 2023. Read.

Rags and Bones: An Exploration of The Band edited by Jeff Sellars and Kevin C. Neece, The Journal of Popular Culture, 56 (3-4) 2023: 760-762. Read.

The World of Bob Dylan edited by Sean Latham, European Journal of American Studies, 2022-3. Read.

America on Fire. The Untold Story of Police Violence and Black Rebellion Since 1960 by Elizabeth Hinton, European Journal of American Studies, 2021-4. Read.

Memory, Historic Injustice, and Responsibility by W. James Booth, Perspectives on Politics, 18 (4), 2020: 1205-1206. Read.

Elvis in Vegas: How the King Reinvented the Las Vegas Show by Richard Zoglin (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2019) in Popular Culture Studies Journal, 7 (2), Fall 2019: 359-361. Read.

Radicalism & Music: An Introduction to the  Music Cultures of al-Qa’ida, Racist Skinheads, Christian-Affiliated Radicals, and Eco-Animal Rights Militants by Jonathan Pieslak in Journal for the Study of Radicalism, 11(2), 2017. Read.

The Iconoclastic Imagination. Image, Catastrophe, and Economy in America from the Kennedy Assassination to September 11 by Ned O’Gorman in Journal of American History, 104(1), 2017: 259-260. Read.

Modernism at the Barricades. Aesthetics, Modernism, Utopia,by Steven Eric Bronner in New Political Science, 35:1, 2013: 136-138.  Read.

The Politics of Tragedy and Democratic Citizenship by Robert C. Pirro in Southern Humanities Review, 46:1, 2012: 86-89. Read.

The Political Novel. Re-Imagining the Twentieth Century by Stuart A. Scheingold in Perspectives on Politics, 10:1, 2012: 179-180. Read.

Emergency Politics. Paradox, Law, Democracy by Bonnie Honig in Taiwan Journal of Democracy, 6:1, 2010: 155-157. Read.

American Prophecy. Race and Redemption in American Cultureby George Shulman in Theory & Event, 12:2, 2009.  Read.

The Intellectuals and the Flag by Todd Gitlin in Political Science Quarterly, 123:2, 2008: 346-347. Read.

Regarding the Pain of Others by Susan Sontag in Peer English, 1:1, 2006: 139-143.  Read.

The Colonel. The Extraordinary Story of Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley by Alanna Nash in Popular Music and Society, 28:4, 2005: 570-571. Read.

Platonic Noise by J. Peter Euben in Contemporary Political Theory, 3:3, 2004: 346-7. Read.

Doing Our Own Thing. The Degradation of Language and Music and Why We Should, Like Care by John McWhorter in Philosophy and Literature, 28, 2004: 220-223. Read.

The Heart of What Matters. The Role for Literature in Moral Philosophy by Anthony Cunningham in Philosophy and Literature, 26:2, 2002: 459-461. Read.

A Trial by Jury by D. Graham Burnett in in media res, February 2002. Read.

Who Betrays Elizabeth Bennet? Further Puzzles in Classic Fiction by John Sutherland in Philosophy and Literature, 24:2, 2000: 480-82. Read