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Review Articles

“The Practices of Hope: Literary Criticism in Disenchanted Times by Christopher Castiglia, and Nightmare Envy and Other Stories: American Culture and European Reconstruction by George Blaustein.” American Literature, 92 (2), 2020: 403-406. Read.

Critical Dialogue: Defaming the Dead by Don Herzog; Response to Don Herzog’s review of American Mourning: Tragedy, Democracy, Resilience in Perspectives on Politics, 16:3, 2018: 791-795. Read.

Rumba Rules: The Politics of Dance Music in Mobutu’s Zaire by Bob W. White; Subversive Sounds: Race and the Birth of Jazz in New Orleans by Charles Hersch” Perspectives on Politics, 6(4), 2008: 821-823. Read.

“Is State Centered Inculcation of Virtue Utopian in Nature? Thoughts on George Klosko’s Jacobins and Utopians” Contemporary Justice Review, 8, 2005: 121-125. Read.

“Theoretical Downsizing and the Lost Art of Listening: Reading After Theory by Valentine Cunningham, The Future of Theory by Jean-Michel Rabaté, The Death of a Disciplineby Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak” Philosophy and Literature, 28, 2004: 192-201. Read.

“Loose Ends: Shakespeare’s Mystery Play: The Opening of the Globe Theater 1599 by Steve Sohmer, Henry V, War Criminal? & Other Shakespeare Puzzles by John Sutherland and Cedric Watts” In-Between, 10, 2001: 223-226. Read.